Two girls saved from river

Man and dog save two girls from frozen river

Adam Shaw and his dog Rocky, an 8 year old husky lab cross, rescued two young girls from the icy waters of the North Saskatchewan River

An Edmonton man and his dog are being hailed as heroes after they rescued two young girls who fell through ice on the North Saskatchewan River

Adam Shaw, 27, had been out on a stroll with his wife Kelsey, and the family dog when they heard the two girls’ screams. Shaw managed to pull Krymzen to safety, but Samara was quickly swept away by the current. Rocky swam after Samara, who managed to grab his leash so she could be pulled to safety. Both girls were rushed to hospital where they were treated for hypothermia and released.

Both Shaw and Rocky were honored by Fire Chief Ken Block for the heroic acts and were presented with an honorary firefighter’s helmet for Shaw, and big bone for Rocky.





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